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Filmanthropic Presents: UnBowed on DVD

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Best Film (Nanci Rossov) and Best Actor (Jay Tavare)
American Indian Film Festival

Audience Favorite (2nd Place)
Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles

Best Screenplay (Mildred Inez Lewis)
Jamerican Film Festival

"UnBowed", the provocative, award-winning film of forbidden love — between a spirited Black student and a defiant Lakota warrior — is set against the rigid society and volatile politics of the American South in the late 1890's.

Their passion underscores the dramatic struggle of two beaten and enslaved cultures that — like the lovers — refuse to bow to the unyielding pressure to conform. Infused with humor and rich detail of a rarely explored period in American history, "UnBowed" speaks to lovers everywhere who dare to make their own way.

"UnBowed" is a story about the courage to love, even when it's forbidden and the courage to be different and forge a singular path in a society that prefers 'one-size-fits-all'. It's a story for any time that speaks to the resilience of the human spirit," Rossov said.

Produced by FILMANTHROPIC, directed and produced by Nanci Rossov Written by Mildred Inez Lewis. Starring Jay Tavare and Tembi Locke. Featuring Edward Albert, Orson Bean, Ron Glass, Hattie Winston, (Becker) and the late Michelle Thomas, (The Cosby Show, Family Matters, The Young and the Restless).

"70 individuals were trained in film production during the making of UnBowed. 70% of them were placed in entertainment positions. The majority were people of color and/or women."

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